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[READ] Magic Treehouse #29: Christmas in Camelot

Magic Treehouse #29: Christmas in Camelot (Merlin Missions #1)
by Mary Pope Osbourne
Christmas in Camelot:
Magic Tree House Merlin Mission 1-4 Boxed Set:

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READ at natural speed for ESL practice.

Jack and Annie use the treehouse full of books and to travel to Camelot to spend Christmas Eve. But when they get there, they must go on a quest to save Camelot itself.

The times of each chapter are listed below so you can stop and pick up where you left off when you come back.
0:39 Chapter 1: A Royal Invitation
4:25 Chapter 2: THIS is Camelot!
9:09 Chapter 3: The Knights of the Round Table
15:45 Chapter 4: Who Will Go?
19:09 Chapter 5: Rhymes of the Christmas Knight
21:27 Chapter 6: A White Comet
27:53 Chapter 7: A Good Trick
33:11 Chapter 8: The Otherworld
38:01 Chapter 9: The Lost Knights
41:23 Chapter 10: the Knights' Gifts
46:39 Chapter 11: The Crystal Cave
50:03 Chapter 12: Fire with Fire
53:10 Chapter 13: Your Horses Are Waiting
57:34 Chapter 14: Return
1:01:23 Chapter 15: Christmas Magic
1:07:51 Chapter 16: Welcome Home
1:11:31 A Note from the Author

Our Story Begins, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark By Mary Pope Osborne | Chapter Book Read Aloud

Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark
By Mary Pope Osborne
Thank you for reading along with @Lights Down Reading .

This momma of three little girls thoroughly enjoys reading books when the Lights go Down at night. Hence our name - Lights Down Reading

What started out as a way to read books to my daughters when I was away for the night slowly turned into content which others encouraged me to share online. Over the past year I have met some amazing listeners from all across the globe. Who would've thought reading books would fill my heart with such joy. I have interacted with so many unique people and their encouragement fuels my desire to read for children who have little or no access to books.

I recognize my content is taken directly from the creative minds of many amazing and incredible authors, illustrators, and publishers. I highly encourage all listeners to purchase, borrow, or check-out a copy of all these books. There is no better feeling than holding the original content in your hands while you read along with me.

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Guided Meditation for Children | Your Secret Treehouse | Relaxation for Kids

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In this Guided Meditation we take the child on a journey to their peaceful place; to their secret treehouse in the forest where they find pure relaxation.

This is aimed at making the child feel safe and re-establish feelings of tranquility when suffering challenging emotions such as stress, worry \u0026 anxiety.

Enjoy your journey to your secret treehouse!


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Guided Meditation for Children | Your Secret Treehouse | Relaxation for Kids

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